Since the start of Point Nine about ten years ago, we’ve grown like a bonsai: focusing on our strengths, not our size.

An EY, Universal Music and Awin alumna with loads of international hands-on experience in various areas of investor relations/finance/operations. Her secret weapon: an eye that sees what others don’t.

Aleksandra Zorylo
Operating Partner

No two days are the same. From support to graphic design (to resident quiz master) her mission? To keep the team in order.

Ami Partridge
Business Operations Associate

From compliance reporting to capital calls, she supports Ola in all things ops. When not nose deep in a spreadsheet, odds are she’s trying to sew an outfit.

Bethany D'Sylva
Operations Associate

Founder of several failed startups (and 1-2 successful ones). First angel investor in Zendesk, Clio, FreeAgent. SaaSicionado with a knack for napkins and 5 ways to $100 million in ARR. Occasional blogger, prolific tweeter.

Christoph Janz

A "student entrepreneur" who had a brief stint as a geneticist before jumping into the world of investing. Formerly at Seedcamp. When not learning more about B2B SaaS and Marketplaces, he can be found drumming much to his neighbours' d̶i̶s̶m̶a̶y̶  joy!

David Ola

Home grown partner who joined P9 as an Associate 5 years ago as a fresh, (triple) master degree graduate from Telecom Paristech, HEC and MIT. Always up for a (long and deep) discussion about how (good) people and (great) software can change (old school) markets.

Louis Coppey

Math student and a dog lover. Always on the hunt for portfolio KPIs ;)

Lucas Pedrosa de Glöckner
Working Student

Co-founder of a developer outreach startup, has a background in building tech-focused events and her passion and expertise lies in making all the pieces fit to source & create kick-ass content & events for our community.

Oana Botez
Community & Events Manager

Maintains fund & portfolio documentation and assists with deal negotiation & contract drafting. With a Spanish & German law background she’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the nitty-gritty stuff.

Paula Pastor
Legal & Operations Manager

Fascinated by online networks of all varieties: from food delivery (Delivery Hero) to B2B/B2C marketplaces (Docplanner) to P2P networks (Brainly) to crypto (Chainalysis). SaaS as a hobby (Mambu). Motivated by serving founders and seeing them succeed. Former banker. Emigrant (PL->DE). Retired blogger, spontaneous on tweeter.

Pawel Chudzinski

Left home in Lisbon to focus on early stage startups. Some stints at building, now mostly investing. An optimist fascinated by how software, networks and data change the way industries, markets and people work. Always happy to chat (in 5 different languages)!

Ricardo Sequerra Amram

A lawyer-turned-banker-turned-lawyer. Spent several years with basic entrepreneurialism (running his law firm) and as external counsel before joining Point Nine full-time. If not immersed in contracts chances are you’ll find him on a bike in the Bavarian Alps.

Tilman Langer
General Counsel